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Competition winner!

Congratulations to the lucky winner, Debbie Kirby in Herefordshire. The correct answer to the question: Where was Richard and Nancy’s first kiss, was Starbucks. Debbie wins signed copies of The Beach House and Second Chance, and a bottle of Jane’s favourite Jo Malone perfume. 

Cameras, celebrities, and other stuff…

I think I have a curse on me that prohibits me from keeping digital cameras for any longer than six months. One of two things happen – I lose them (but I swear, I lose them somewhere in the house. One minute they’re on the shelf in the kitchen, and then next, poof! Nothing. Nowhere […]

Curried chicken and spinach. (Serves 6)

So the tour continues… On Saturday we jumped into the car and headed down to Bookhampton in Sag Harbor for an event – small but sweet – and the best thing of all was staying in Amagansett with a cousin, Sas Peters. Sas Peters and Jane Green I have to admit to a few nerves […]


Just got a phone call from Louise, my magnificent editor in London, and the UK Sunday Times list is in… Second Chance is NUMBER ONE! The Beach House is NUMBER TWO! First time I’ve had a paperback at number one, and I couldn’t be happier. Will fill you in shortly on the events of the […]

Sancerre, sunburn, and sex and the city…

So I’m back after my long night in the city, and a couple of things happened yesterday that were a little disconcerting. The first was that my glorious couple of hours on the beach earlier in the day, when I lay back as the kids built sandcastles around me, and thought, why don’t I do […]

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