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Ginger Chicken with Almonds Recipe

What a blissful day yesterday! The garden team of Simon Johnson and Jeff Jones, and Beloved and I, traipsing round the garden of the new house talking about what sort of gardens to put in. In my old house in Westport, way back in a different life altogether, Simon and Piers gave me cutting gardens […]

No sex in the city for me

Ann Leary & Jane Green During my recent interviews, one of the recurring questions was had I been to see the new Sex and the City movie, the assumption being that I would have seen it and loved it, and everyone seemed flabbergasted when I confessed that not only had I not seen it, I […]

Weeding out the handbags…

I love my readers, and I love what this insatiable one has done: Isn’t that gorgeous? Makes me want to run straight back to Nantucket today. Am busy trying to get together plans for the new house, and Simon Johnson, my garden designer extraordinaire, is over this week and coming to see the site […]

Salmon marinaded with dijon bourbon glaze

On a lighter note, those of you who have followed this blog for a few years will know what a keen cook I am. I never thought of putting recipes up regularly, but my neighbour confessed this morning she’d written down the recent chicken and spinach, so I’m offering up a couple I used this […]

Babysitter blues…

This past week has been both difficult and exhausting. A long and complex story, and one that doesn’t belong here, but it has caused me to think very carefully about the people we let into our home, and how reliant we are on other people for help. I have written frequently about the concept of […]

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