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Crazy about catalogues

When I first moved to America, I was stunned at how many catalogues dropped into the mailbox every day. I was appalled at the waste of paper, but secretly thrilled at all the shopping I could do from the safety of my home. I would spend hours poring over Pottery Barn, Victoria’s Secret, and my […]

Let sleeping bags lie

I am feeling very proud of myself for two things today. The first is not really anything I can take credit for, but yesterday, after the children left with their dad (so around 5.15pm), I ordered, online, three pairs of shoes for them from This morning, at 11.31am, the doorbell rang. ‘Probably Zappos,’ Beloved […]

Hair today, gone tomorrow…

I know it may not look like it from my photos, but I am in fact the most low-maintenance person in the world. I rather suspect this is down to sheer laziness. Why go to the hairdresser when I can cut it myself? And so what if it’s a little uneven in the back? I […]

Staycation? What staycation?

  Beloved is taking the week off work, ostensibly for a ‘staycation,’ although I have hardly seen him – projects have come up and he’s had all sorts of presentations and things to finish, so he’s been stealing my office, and he’s got rather sneaky about it. This morning I was sitting at the desk, […]

A recovering blogger

Every so often Google sends me a blog alert if people are writing about The Beach House, and today I found myself looking at gorgeous pictures of Nantucket on a blog by Sarah Laurence who is, it seems, an author and an artist (beautiful watercolor at the top of her blog that I’m presuming was […]

Line Break