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Thought for the day, Part II

Recipe for Black Cabbage: You’ve heard of red cabbage, this version is even easier. INGREDIENTS 1 Cabbage Place in rear of drawer at bottom of fridge. Cover up thoroughly with carrots, celery, lettuce, apples. Squeeze in a few lemons if there’s room. Leave for six weeks. Not so delicious, but isn’t it easy?

Thought for the day

I’m thinking we need a second fridge…

The Holidays are almost here…

Seeing as we’re almost in October, the stores are starting to be filled with Halloween stuff, and I’ve got to admit, I’m getting a little excited. I’m a sucker for a holiday. At Christmas we don’t have one tree, we have three – huge green and gold theme in the family room, small silver and […]

Bang Walmart Palin, I just love you.

I have discovered a new obsession: The Sarah Palin baby name generator. You feed in your name to discover what you would be called if Sarah Palin was your mother. So far I have discovered that I am Trough Gutted Palin, and the kids are, by order of age, Crank Widow Palin Hump Gizzards Palin […]

Margo needs a man

I’ve had an interesting email I wanted to share with you. It’s from someone called Margo, and I only share this with you because, well, she seems lonely, in need of friends, and I thought if any of you have some extra time on your hands, perhaps you could email her? She sounds very nice, […]

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