The Holidays are almost here…

Seeing as we're almost in October, the stores are starting to be filled with Halloween stuff, and I've got to admit, I'm getting a little excited.

I'm a sucker for a holiday. At Christmas we don't have one tree, we have three - huge green and gold theme in the family room, small silver and blue theme in the living room, and very small silver one in the front hall. I do Thanksgiving every year - the entire family, both Beloved's and mine, and whatever waifs and strays are around. I adore any holiday that involves decorating, gathering people together, and feeding them.

I think perhaps this was because growing up in England, we missed out on so many holidays. No Thanksgiving, Christmas is relatively low-key, and certainly back then, Halloween just wasn't done. One year, I must have been around nine, some friends and I decided to go Trick or Treating.

The first house we went to, the woman came to the door, saw us, screamed, and slammed the door in our faces. Given that our costumes consisted of our mothers tights pulled over our faces, I'm not entirely surprised. (I know. I have no idea why we did that either).

She did re-open the door, and then very sweetly rummaged in her fridge for something to give us. I think our loot that year consisted of tangerines, a few mouldy apples, and a couple of fifty pence pieces. Entirely disappointing.

Then, living in the little Coach house, just before I moved to America, I had stocked up on bags of mini chocolates, thinking that, as we lived in an area with so many kids, perhaps we would get Trick or Treaters. The doorbell rang once, at around nine O'clock. I went to the door and found two very scary, menacing men standing on my doorstep. 'Trick or Treat,' they said, threateningly.

I know they were expecting money, but I produced all three giant bags of mini-chocolates and handed them over, and I have to tell you, their faces instantly became the faces of children, filled with delight. If they weren't so terrifying it would have been very sweet.

I used the intercom from that point forward.

Here in Westport, the beach is the place to go Trick or Treating. Almost every house is decorated, the roads are pretty much closed to traffic, and tons of kids wander around going from house to house. This year the Smalls are supposed to be with The Republican, but I begged to keep them and he has acquiesced. (For the record, the Republican makes many changes to the schedule, usually swapping weekends. He is the only man I know who has regular 'work' commitments on the weekend. Although oddly, he didn't while we were married. Funny, that).

So we are planning a small Halloween bash before Trick or Treating, and I am wondering how to carve the pumpkins this year. I always set out with wonderful intentions for dramatic, intricate pumpkins, but I always forget how much bloody work it is to carve those pumpkins. I found this picture online, and I am desperate to have a few of these on my lawn because it made me laugh, and how hard can it be?


Failing that, there is always this:


I will be the Wicked Witch of the West this year. I have the costume already, and green make-up. I've never understood this whole idea of adults dressing only in costumes that makes them look gorgeous and sexy. Put it like this, one year, I must have seen twenty Evil Queens from Snow White. I don't want to look gorgeous and sexy. I want to look entirely different, unrecognisable. And Biscuit will be Toto, carried by me, in a basket.

I'd love the kids to join in on the theme but they refuse, which is a shame, because for the last couple of years we've had a Star Wars theme. The boys have been different combinations of Darth Vader, a Clone Trooper, Storm Trooper and Boba Fett, and Mini-me and myself have both been Princess Leah, which is very cute given that we are identical anyway, just one big and one small.

We tried to convince the au-pair to be Chewbacca but she wasn't having any of it. She went, unsurprisingly, as a sexy schoolgirl.

Which has just given me an idea. I think I should try and convince Beloved to join my theme. I'm thinking he'd make a wonderful Glinda...

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