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Halloween horrors

The Eldest Son has been begging me for weeks to take them to Spirit, one of these Halloween superstores that crops up for about six weeks every year. It seemed not unreasonable, so last weekend the Smalls and I went off to buy our Halloween costumes and decorations for the bash we are throwing in […]

Biscuit Got Grillz

I’m not sure you can appreciate the ridiculousness of this from the photos, but the other day Beloved said, ‘what the hell does Biscuit have in her mouth?’ ‘Biscuit!’ he commanded, who was busy chewing on something on the floor. She looked up. With an enormous set of silver flashing teeth. We almost fell on […]


Well folks, I’m on my way to becoming an American citizen. I was approved today, and it occured to me that although the test is terrifically easy, it’s only easy if you know it, and I’m extremely thankful I did. My last question was what is the basic belief behind the Declaration of Independence. My […]

Deranged chipmunk on the loose

Someone once left a comment here saying how dare I criticise Cindy McCain’s vulcan-like qualities, and I’d neverĀ  reveal an unflattering picture, or some such guff. Well, Beloved phoned me yesterday and said, ‘Darling. I love you. And that picture on Westport Now is terrible.’ ‘I know,’ I sighed. ‘I look like a deranged chipmunk.’ […]

The dangers of success

Yesterday I had lunch with the Eskimo, and sitting in our canteen were two of my oldest and dearest friends. They live on the other side of town, and I don’t get to see them nearly as often as I would like, so for a while, the four of us sat together and caught up. […]

Line Break