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Jamie Oliver’s Fantastic Fish Pie

I have realised why this is the boondocks of the Bahamas. It is because the food on this island is terrible. You would think it would be fresh fish, fresh lobster, delicious fruits, but everywhere you go it is club sandwiches on thin white bread with processed cheese and ham, frozen lobster, and just now, […]

Leave the poor woman alone

When I said there was no-one on this island in the Bahamas, I meant no-one. Other than, completely bizarrely, Martha Stewart. We saw her for dinner just before we left, and knowing how much I hated the cruise, she asked if we’d, perchance, be taking another one. ‘Oh hahahaha,’ was my response, before telling her […]

Clooney watching

I am safely back at our little house on the island, having spent the day dodging evil glares. Nippers, it turns out, is on Guana Cay, which is utterly beautiful. George Clooney is said to have bought something there. I spent the day looking, but I didn’t see him. Beloved had chosen this day to […]

Blissful Bahamas

Am here in the Bahamas, Beloved has just appeared for breakfast, and I am sitting at the table looking out over boats in the water. We’re boating off today to a place called Nippers, where there is live music, and lots and lots to drink. I am making a commitment now to NOT drink, because […]

Christmas Cookies

The Smalls have just left for the Christmas vacation, and I am feeling surprisingly teary. I thought I’d be thrilled – I’m exhausted and in desperate need of a break, but in fact I feel more than a little lost. We spent the afternoon reading on the sofa in front of the fire, and the […]

Line Break