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Facebook friends

I do not like the online chat feature of Facebook. I don’t like boxes popping up from people I haven’t got time to talk to, and I can’t keep up, and so I tend to stay offline, but every now and then I pop online because I get a dose of Fomo (fear of missing […]

Going off the boil

I just got an email from our local oil company, announcing the winner of the Contest for Oldest Boiler. I’m thinking they ought to run a new competition: Most Expensive Oil Bills or, my favorite, Most Inefficient System (despite said oil company coming to service it so many times, I am now almost as friendly […]

If Mama aint happy…

I have written a short piece for the new Chicken Soup book: Chicken Soup for the Soul: Power Moms to be released March 24th. The book contains 101 great stories from mothers who have made the choice to stay home, or work from home, while raising their families These multi-tasking, high-performing women have become today’s […]

What I’m Reading

I love my train journeys into the city every week. I’ll either run into the corner store and pick up a week’s worth of gossip rags, or, more often these days, I’ll bring a book. Last night saw me going in for dinner with an old friend of Beloved’s. We went to La Goulue, which […]

Jane and the guys

Having commented recently on my new friend, the UPS man, several women have emailed me to say they absolutely get our friendship, and how we women rely so much on ‘guys’ like the UPS man, the mail man, the oil guys. The guys, in other words, who help our lives run smoothly. I feel very […]

Line Break