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The contents of my purse are now fascinating me further.

Update on the contents of my purse which I have now decided to detail. Please feel free to do the same – I am now fascinated by the things we women carry in our purses… 1 wallet 1 journal 1 pair reading glasses even though I don’t need reading glasses but am planning on converting […]

What’s in your handbag?

Flicking through The Chestnut’s magazines, I stumbled upon this fantastic picture of the contents of Lily Allen’s handbag in InStyle. Note how clean and immaculate everything is (not to mention designer). I was stunned. And ever so slightly disbelieving. I don’t believe the contents of anyone’s handbag actually looks like this, unless they’re suffering from […]

news from the Hot Tub

So we are flying home today, and someone left a message on Facebook re. the hot tub from hell, saying they film ‘adult’ films in hotel hot tubs. I laughed a lot. I’m not sure they filmed any adult films in this particular hotel hot tub. But perhaps I’m wrong. Deep Throat Infections I caught […]

When the Commander – ex-step-aunt. It’s complicated – told us there wasn’t a lot to do here, she wasn’t kidding. Clearly in the Summertime when the weather is fine there is tons to do – we have passed miles and miles of mini golf, zoos, paddle boats – but in February this beach area is […]

Laughing my teeth out

I am taking the Eldest Son to the dentist today to have eight teeth pulled. You heard me correctly. Eight teeth. Last time he had a meltdown over the possibility of three teeth being pulled. This time I have bribed him by telling him of the merits of laughing gas. He is now excited and […]

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