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My Vegan adventure. Part I

I haven’t blogged properly about my whole vegan adventure, but I will say it’s been almost two months since Beloved and I gave up meat, fish and dairy, and we feel pretty damn good. Also, my skin looks better than it has done in years, and I’ve definitely got more energy. We hadn’t really planned […]

Introducing you to my latest love

I walked into the chemo ward the other week to see my unwell friend, and couldn’t see her anywhere. Then, rounding a corner, I spotted this on the chair, and I knew I’d found her. Because only my friend would have a bag as great as this. The bag was a gift from another friend […]

A very Wainwright thing…

Photographs by Tracy Ketcher I have been thinking a lot recently, about love. Last week I found myself in the audience of a Rufus Wainwright concert at Yale, and I was struck, once again, at the overwhelming feeling of love in the room. The Wainwrights are a spectacularly talented lot: Loudon Wainwright is the father, […]

She’s a Great Dane Chihuahua cross. Honest.

I know we can’t possibly get another dog until we move to the new house, and particularly not the dog I have always wanted, which is a Scottish Deerhound. Sighthounds – greyhounds, wolfhounds, deerhounds, borzois, lurchers etc. – will take off after pretty much any small furry moving target, and a secure fenced-in yard is […]

Brandon Martinez, you will forever hold my hair in your hands…

I am not a big hairdresser kind of person. I’m fantastically disloyal, and even more low-maintenance. I might go to a hairdresser once a year, but most of the time when my ends are looking a bit straggly, I pull the kitchen scissors out and whack off the ends. Last week The Sherpa turned round […]

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