She’s a Great Dane Chihuahua cross. Honest.


I know we can't possibly get another dog until we move to the new house, and particularly not the dog I have always wanted, which is a Scottish Deerhound.

Sighthounds - greyhounds, wolfhounds, deerhounds, borzois, lurchers etc. - will take off after pretty much any small furry moving target, and a secure fenced-in yard is a must, with the fence being over seven feet. These dogs can jump. And given that we are currently living in a rental, with no fences anywhere in sight, and many deer that would prove irresistible to a deerhound, this is not something I should be actively pursuing right now.

Baron would adore a female companion, and we keep talking about it, but we have decided that until Figless Manor is built and fenced, we will wait.

However, given my slightly obsessive compulsive nature, I while away many hours on, looking for the perfect Scottish Deerhound. A wonderful website for rescue animals, it lists animals in shelters all over the country who are looking for homes.

This afternoon, I did my usual search for Scottish Deerhounds, and came up with this:


This is Togie. And I quote here- "A Scottish Deerhound Collie Cross".

Seriously. Togie was the first picture that came up.

I'm sure Togie, aged six, is a wonderful dog, but what on earth compelled anyone  to think there was an ounce of Scottish Deerhound in him? Was it the fact he has four paws, perhaps? A nose?

Personally I'd say he's probably a Beagle cross. I might throw in an oodle of some kind, not because there is any poodle in him, but it's so damned trendy, calling him a Beagoodle, or a Bassoodle might find him a home more quickly.

If you can give Togie a home, click on his name above. Me? I'm going to have to wait another couple of years until we're ready for the real deal...

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