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Figless Manor

Lovely piece on me, Beloved, and Figless Manor…

Photoshoot for new author pics

Number one all photos by Tracy Ketcher The wondrous Tracy Ketcher – – arrived this morning with a ton of camera equipment, lights, and Horsey Girl as her assistant, and we proceeded to have the most fun and relaxed photoshoot I have ever had. It helped that Tracy suggested Mimosas at around 11am, and […]

My Vegan Adventure Continues

The longer I do the vegan thing, the more I enjoy it. On Sunday night we threw an impromptu barbeque, and I present you with the menu. I will confess to also doing lemon and oregano chicken kebabs for the hardcore meat eaters, but I’m hoping to convert them to the dark side with such […]

Exclusive car sticker giveaway.

Those of you who are avid readers of mine, will know all about the fictitious town of Highfield, Connecticut. It’s where Alice and Harry first moved to in To Have and To Hold (called Spellbound in the UK); Amber lived unhappily in Highfield in Swapping Lives/Life Swap, and in the latest book, Dune Road, we […]

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Earlier this week I went to my annual Mad Hatter’s Tea Party to support Bethel Recovery Center in Bridgeport. It is a cause that is close to my heart, a home run by Janice Kelly that offers a chance for women suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, to get back on their feet. Many of […]

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