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One of my children, the youngest twin, has, we recently realised, fallen prey to the dreaded family disease. I had hoped he would be free of it. I inherited it from my mother, who has suffered, not very silently, for many years, but I had hoped that I wouldn’t pass it on to my children, […]

Happy Publication Day, Dune Road…

Dune Road out today, and another fun-packed day. Taking Eldest Daughter to buy glasses this morning, then off to twins scavenger hunt at beach. Cooking more vegan chili for my unwell friend, painting deck if rain holds off, attempting to find time to wash my hair in preparation for tonight’s reading at Westport’s Barnes & […]

A day in the life, the day before publication…

Today woke up to news Mini-me was sick, and her father was dropping her home. Panic, as phones were off and I had been upstairs, and hadn’t heard anything. No sign of Mini-me, who had instead been dropped off at friends. Jumped in car, ran to friends, collected Mini-me. Came home, did online interview for […]

Animal Farm

I haven’t discussed the animals for a while, so I thought I’d fill you in. Three weeks ago Barney, our big grey and white cat, went missing. Barney was three and a half years old, and the star of our family. A great big handsome male, he would walk down to the bus stop with […]

Humble pie

Sometimes, when I’m in a Very Bad Mood, I rant for a bit on places I shouldn’t be ranting. Namely, ahem… my blog, facebook, and twitter. This is the downside of being technologically connected. In the old days, if I was in a bad mood, I could just shut myself away for a bit, have […]

Line Break