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This arrived in the mail today from the lovely Suzanne Urban. I ADORE it!

Best little Mousehouse in Westport

The Mouse House, aka the reason why I haven’t been posting regularly, is finally ready to be rented. Anyone interested can visit the website: I’m so in love with this house I’d like to move in there myself, although sadly there isn’t quite enough room for The Brady Bunch… Open House this weekend for […]

Boxed in to a Corner

Reading our local website,, I came across a story in which a man had been reported to the police for removing boxes waiting in line to enter the library book sale. That’s right, boxes. Instead of showing up early and waiting in line, numerous people, it seems, had, in lieue of their actual selves, […]

Lost in Translation

I stumbled upon this review this morning. I think it’s good, I can’t be sure, but it certainly wins the prize for most peculiar – and funniest – review ever. Translations would be gratefully received… Anyone wishing to view it in its original format can click here: doubledutch I be torture with presume from a […]


Have you ever wanted to appear in a Jane Green novel? (You must say this in a deep television announcer-type of voice…) Here’s your opportunity… Tomorrow night, at 7pm, I’m giving a talk and reading at the brand new Barnes & Noble on New York’s Upper East Side (86th and Lexington), and to celebrate this […]

Line Break