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Thinking on my feet

I am very successful at gardening outdoors, looking after cats, and writing books. I am not very successful at keeping plants alive indoors for longer than about a week, looking after fish, and reading ARCs on time. But what I am very good at, is thinking on my feet. Last week, we introduced another fish […]

Book Readings

  I have just returned from an event at the Westport library: Cathleen Schine reading from, and talking about her new book, The Three Weissmanns of Westport. I do not often go to book readings, other than those of my friends, and it was a rare treat indeed to hear the author’s words in her […]

Food etc.

I have been spending vast amounts of time this week watching television – a combination of being under the weather, and the Smalls being with their father for Winter Break. I’d love to be able to tell you I am now completely up on current events and have had CNN running non-stop, but sadly, that […]


Many of you know that I suffer from a dangerous addiction to online shopping. I have recently spent a week unsubscribing from emails that arrive by the boatload on a daily basis, informing me of fabulous sales that day. I have to look, because…well…it would be rude not to, and then, because I’m a girl […]

Promises to Keep

I am finally starting to dig myself out of the sand of writing and editing, and getting back to the business of being a mother, wife, friend, cook, chauffeur, amateur pediatrician with a specialty in dermatology, and hostess. Those of you who have been following me on Twitter or Facebook, will know that we have […]

Line Break