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Five things you didn’t know about me…

The wonderful chicklitisnotdead website sent me a Flip video camera (which, by the way, is so fantastic, I may have to get one myself. Completely idiot-proof. Even a luddite like myself could figure it out), and asked me to film five things you didn’t know about me. El Camino – my new and rather fabulous […]

Confession time

I am back from London, back from filming an television ad which was huge amounts of fun. I also had a make-up artist who may be the best make-up artist I have ever had. She was so good, I quite wanted to pack her up and bring her home with me, for she made me […]


I am off to London later today for the rest of the week, to film a TV ad for the new book. Normally, I am Superpacker. I always pack incredibly light, in one carry-on bag, and never wear all of the few clothes I have brought. Packing takes me about ten minutes – I scribble […]

Queen o’ the Cheap

Beautiful Guru turned to me the other day and said my skin looked amazing, and what was I using? Olay Regenerist, I burbled excitedly, thrilled to share my new discovery. Their youth serum and moisturiser (after the whole Jurlique cleansing routine, naturally). For the record, my skin has never looked more radiant. ‘You’re my cheap […]

Going off Twitter

John Mayer recently said, in the interview that may have ended his career, something along the lines of Jennifer Aniston not understanding the importance of social media like Twitter and Facebook, and thinking she was still living in the nineties. Don’t quote me on it, but I’m pretty sure it was something like that, and […]

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