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Transcript of my live online chat in the Penguin Reading Room!

Hi everyone and welcome to our live chat with Jane Green, author of the New York Times bestselling novel Promises to Keep. We’re so pleased to have Jane with us here this afternoon to answer your questions and chat with us. So let’s get started! Jane, thanks so much for coming! Monday June 28, 2010 […]

Scenes from a book tour

Promises to Keep is out, the reviews are coming in, and they are, mostly, wonderful. Thus far this past week has seen me launch the book with a fundraiser in Westport, do a six-hour radio satellite tour on Wednesday, then fly to Los Angeles and back in 24 hours for my West Coast book launch […]


Tomorrow is D-Day…Promises to Keep comes out, and I’m launching it with a fundraiser at the Playhouse. I have been utterly overwhelmed at how many of you are coming, and now I have one more favor to ask… Buy the book tomorrow! I know how busy we all are, and how life has a worrying […]

People Magazine…THANK YOU!!

The rhythm of life

How do you do it? I am always asked. How do you manage juggling all those kids, with writing books, with cooking, with…well…life. And my answer usually is, I have absolutely no idea. Sometimes I think of that old adage of when you want something done, ask the busiest person in the office. All I […]

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