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I have now gone a week without using Twitter. Well, okay, just a tiny bit, but only to respond to people, and to post up work-related things, rather than tweet incessantly about the intimate details of my life. I will be honest and say it is hard. I am currently breaking two major addictions: shopping, […]

Lobster time again

I came home this morning to find a large white box on my doorstep, with a picture of a lobster on the front, and the words Lobster-gram on it. Uh oh, I thought. This box may look harmless, but I’m pretty certain I know what’s inside. I gingerly sliced it open, removed the polystyrene lid, […]

The Men in My Life

For a very long time I haven’t had a lot of male friends, and I thought this was because it’s one of the unspoken laws of marriage: you don’t get to make new male friends. Frankly, I always thought this was rather sensible, compounded by one of the funniest books I’ve read this year: What […]

Happy Birthday Mr President

The President is coming to town tomorrow, for two fundraisers, one for the Wall Street set, and one for the smart set, after which he will record an episode of The View for Thursday morning. Should you wish to buy a ticket for the fundraiser, it will cost $30,400. Yes, that’s right. You did read […]

Breast Density madness

Last week I went in for my annual mammogram, fully expecting the same outcome as last year: the density of the breast tissue is such that, in my case, the mammogram cannot be trusted to tell you the result, and so I have to have an ultrasound as well. Today the radiology department just called […]

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