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Venus Flytraps in my garden

I have spent the Summers of years gone by ankle-deep in dirt, weeding the garden, and eating all the produce it yields: tomatoes, cucumbers, edamame, corn, lettuce, onions, radishes, garlic, squash, eggplant, beets, brussel sprouts, cabbages, melons and so on. Since living in the rental for the past four years, I have also been fighting […]

The End of Summer

I have had a glorious summer this year. Lots and lots of time with The Smalls, lots of hanging out at the town pool and the beach, lots of bike rides, and lots of hanging out. Last year, Summer whizzed by in a flash. I kept meaning to have some lazy time with the family, […]

Nutella Crepe Cake

Often, on the weekends, I’ll make crepes for the Smalls. My favorite is the classic variety, sprinkled with lemon juice and sugar, but my kids adore Nutella. This weekend we had friends for dinner, and I made a mille crepe cake – layers and layers of crepes sandwiched together with cream, although I used my […]

Distracted Driving

Cruisin’ in a Convertible. Or not.

I just got back from LA to do a fundraiser for City of Hope (more about that on a later blog), and I had hired a basic car to get me around. I did this the last time I was in LA to meet Harrison Ford. I got to Hertz and the woman behind the […]

Line Break