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Memories of a Home

When I was small, we moved. A lot. My mother would decorate a house top to bottom, and then after three or four years, sometimes less, she’d get itchy feet and would need to do it again. The house that I remember best, the house I loved the most, was a grand old gabled manse […]

Cooking School…here I come!

It does not take a genius to recognise what a passionate foodie I am. Scroll through my website and you can barely read my ramblings for the recipes; pick up any one of my books and if there isn’t an actual recipe at the end of the chapter (Promises to Keep/The Love Verb), you will […]

Where did you get that hair???

A couple of weeks ago I found myself at a new hairdresser, having my hair blown out. I do this perhaps twice a year, when I have a special event, and get my hair cut even less, because I am spectacularly lazy when it comes to grooming, and spectacularly impulsive. This means I do not […]

The Wicked Witch of the East (Coast) aka Scrooge

On Sunday night the Smalls and I went, as we do every year, trick or treating in our neighborhood. Our neighborhood happens to be the beach, and I am continually impressed at how everyone gets into the spirit of trick or treating. For years we had a group Star Wars theme, but the Smalls refuse […]

Line Break