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Snow? AGAIN? Are you f*&*ing kidding me?

When I was a little girl I dreamed, often, of snow. Occasionally we would get an inch or two in London, and we’d take giant empty salt bags and go sledding down the bumpy bit of Hampstead Heath. I would come home and immerse myself in books set in America, where families living in the […]

Tweeting with Martha

Many of you know that I retired from Twitter several months ago. It had taken over my life, and I was fed up with constantly viewing my life as a series of pithy, funny sayings, in 140 characters or less. Last night Beloved and I climbed into bed and flicked channels until we settled on […]

Make Mother’s Day Matter

Racing for a cure

Many of you know that Promises to Keep was written after I lost one of my closest friends to breast cancer. Accompanying her on the journey was an extraordinary gift, and one that has continued, with me continuing to do a series of events that raise funds for breast cancer. A few months ago I […]

Line Break