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Book tour update from Dublin

September 20th, 2014

View from a window of the Merrion hotel, Dublin. Nearing the end of my book tour, leaving the lovely Merrion hotel and back to London for the last two nights. The best treat of all has been my rare night off last night: a hot bath, crisp white sheets, room service and a book (The bed I made by Lucie Whitehouse – excellent.) I have seen so many cherished old friends, many under the guise of ‘work’ – all my old media gang showing up unexpectedly for photoshoots, lunches and interviews, and people I haven’t seen in over twenty years – my childhood and university best friends. Favorite new friends this weekend have to be Lucy Kennedy and Martin King on ITV3’s Late Lunch in Ireland – great chat, Craic (as they say over here), and cake (although I confess I didn’t eat the cake, even though I very much wanted to). My hair behaved impeccably for Clare Balding and the allaboutyou event, but is battling with the Irish mist. The Irish mist is winning. I am quite looking forward to getting back to the hard water of the Connecticut shores. I’m also very much looking forward to getting back to my kids and husband – a couple of days away is a lovely and much-welcomed break, but this feels like a long time.I’m back on Woman’s Hour again on Monday at 10am, will be walking through Heathrow a bit later on, and off to the Groucho tonight with the gang… More, soon..

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