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What to cook tonight

March 13th, 2015

slightly confused I am slightly confused when it comes to food. I either love raw, vegan food, or meat. I don’t understand pizza or pasta, probably because I didn’t grow up with them in England, and would be perfectly happy if I never ate rice again. I could, however, eat enough sugar to feed three thousand armies, and for that reason, I try very hard to avoid it. I’m gravitating more and more to a more paleo way of life, which I am convinced helped me recover from chronic Lyme disease.

I’m also three weeks into a new house with a kitchen that wasn’t designed for a proper cook, and the whole thing has been so overwhelming, we have spent the last three weeks large eating takeout, or going out. Stuck for what to cook tonight, I took inspiration from @nomadfood, ending up with the most delicious dinner imaginable. Pan-fried sweet Italian sausage with onion, sweet potato, apple, zucchini, spinach and a healthy dollop of baconnaise (which sounds shockingly unhealthy, given that it is home-made mayonnaise made with drizzled bacon fat rather than oil, but it is actually far better for you than the canola oil in most mayonnaise, and definitely yummier). The kids were very happy, as was Beloved. And although I put aside a great big container of leftovers, I think Eldest Son may be attacking it as I write. Thank you @nomadfood for printing such a deliciously inspiring picture, @iccedu for giving me the chef skills to be able to read through a list of ingredients, and know exactly what to do to get the result, @craftbutchery for the spectacular sausage and @tabsraven for a mouthwatering photo!

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