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Rainbow Girl, a new Audio Drama set in the rock star world of 1979, available now!

October 19th, 2022

It’s 1979, the lead guitarist of The Wide Eyed Boys, Eddie Allbright, and his supergroupie model wife, Lissy Ellery are one of the most famous and glamorous rock couples in the world. From the outside, their life looks like a dream, but behind closed doors too many drugs, too many affairs and too much black magic is creating a recipe that will either save them, or destroy them.

An intimate look into the hedonistic life of a seventies rock band and their groupies, Rainbow Girl is for everyone who has ever wondered what it was really like to be with the band.

A stand alone, set in the world of Jane Green’s newest novel, Sister Stardust, Rainbow Girl mixes the glamor of The Rolling Stones with the partying of Studio 54, but can anything stop this marriage ending in a bloody, final mess.

Sponsored by Better Help, the show is available here: Rainbow Girl, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

For a sneak preview head to www.emeraldaudio.net and sign up for Hidden Gems Book Club.

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