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It’s Very Nice To Go Traveling…

August 31st, 2015

My new column in The Lady magazine (in the UK), starts tomorrow, and here is the gorgeous illustration of my desk to go alongside, by the enormously talented Emma Howcutt. ❤️Every week I will be bringing you a sneak peek of A Novel Idea, my new weekly column in The Lady magazine in the UK (http://www.lady.co.uk/). What my readers may not know, and as my new weekly column for The Lady will reveal, is that I also spend an awful lot of time avoiding writing my novels. Take my work in progress, the title of which you will discover over the coming months; have I started it? Or have I been online shopping, drinking coffee, gardening, tending to my family and other animals? The clues are in my columns…

By Jane Green

Hours spent driving: 4.5

Hours spent playing solitaire: 2

Hours spent lugging stuff to and from the beach: .5

Hours spent cooking/cleaning: 3

Hours spent writing: 0


I am just back from a four and a half drive back from Nantucket. I should have started the new novel, but Nantucket was calling, and when Nantucket calls, there is only one thing to do.

It is a four and a half hour drive to Nantucket, which feels like nothing to me these days. Growing up in London the thought of driving anywhere for longer than (more…)


A Novel Idea in The Lady Magazine, by Jane Green

August 28th, 2015

Hours spent Cooking: 2

Hours spent on Facebook: 2

Hours spent having tea with friends: 1.5

Hours spent food shopping: 1.25

Hours spent tidying/organizing: 1.5

Hours spent writing: 0


I have a tiny office in our local theatre, the Westport Country Playhouse. I moved in several months ago as their ‘unofficial writer-in-residence”, decorated it with beautiful trays, lamps and throws, then disappeared.

I get emails and Facebook messages from them saying they all miss me terribly, and I am now their “unofficial writer-out-of-residence”

Being busy with other things is not good for the business of writing novels. This year I wrote a cookbook, several articles, then went on book tour to promote the novel I wrote a year ago. I am looking for all sorts of ways to procrastinate, and (more…)


A Novel Idea

August 20th, 2015

My new column in The Lady magazine (in the UK), starts tomorrow, and here is the gorgeous illustration of my desk to go alongside, by the enormously talented Emma Howcutt. ❤️

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Figless Manor in New England Home magazine

July 30th, 2015

Figless Manor, our old house, was gorgeously featured in New England Home magazine this month. And oh! But it looks beautiful! Creaky Cottage is home, but so proud of what we built with Figless Manor.


Check it out here: http://nehomemag.com/article/novel-approach

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Want to meet me, Patti Callahan Henry and Elin Hilderbrand?

July 23rd, 2015

Want to meet me, Patti Callahan Henry and Elin Hilderbrand on Monday night? I’m zipping back to Nantucket, my most favorite place in the world, next week, and I’ll be doing a wine, cheese, and book event with Table1 Nantucket on Monday evening July 27th at 6pm! If you’re on island, there’s no excuse not to be there! Elin – probably one of the hottest names in women’s fiction right now, will drop by for a drink (and bring (more…)


Coming Home, Part II

July 6th, 2015

Look what just arrived!!! That's this winter and next Summer covered, and I'm sitting in my office already plotting the next for winter 2015. Aren't these covers so beautiful? I am completely in love!A whirlwind week of book tour in London filled with wonderful things – radio, interviews, book signings, luncheons, old friends. And best of all, the most fantastic reviews of Summer Secrets everywhere I look. Thank you to all those who have posted reviews (if you haven’t read it, apparently it’s my best book in years so hurry up and buy it NOW!).

Every year, on the last day of book tour, the same thing happens, and every year I forget it’s going to happen. My throat gets scratchy, my glands get swollen, my nose starts running, and I end up with a cold, bronchitis, sinus infection, or, this time, all three.

I sneezed my way back on Virgin Atlantic, with a gorgeous flight attendant who made me endless Lemsips and brought me plastic cups of tissues soaked in Olbas oil to clear my sore nose.

The flight was delayed, my best laid plans of arriving at lunchtime in order to avoid rush hour and make it home for fireworks were completely scuppered, as I found myself sitting in (more…)


Coming Home Part I

July 6th, 2015

Executive decision made. Inkwash added to my sketch of Creaky Cottage. It will go in the cookbook if it's not too late.I am back in London this week for the publication of Summer Secrets on Thursday, and am struck, as I always am, by how wonderful, and strange it is, in equal measure.

Last night I stayed at the Soho Hotel, and this morning I walked the streets of Soho, memories flooding back on every corner, my childhood and adulthood spent roaming these streets. There used to be the cafe we used to come to for breakfast after a night clubbing; there was the shop I bought fabric from as a teenager; there where we used to have Dim Sum on Sundays as a child; there was my best friend Julian’s first office, up a narrow flight of rickety stairs.

It is completely familiar to me, and in so many ways I am completely at home. I sat in the offices of my wonderful UK publisher yesterday, Pan Macmillan, who just won Publisher of the Year. The meeting was filled with good things: good ideas, brilliant strategies, much laughter, and I left on a high at speaking the exact same language and being understood.

And yet, for as familiar as this town is, it (more…)



June 25th, 2015

Summer-Secrets_250x398 Summer-Secrets-UK_250x398

I’m thrilled to announce that my seventeenth novel, Summer Secrets, was released on Tuesday, June 23rd and now available in the U.S..  I love this book, and I hope you do too!.

Summer Secrets was released in the UK on July 3rd. It would mean the world to me if you would dash out to your local bookstore or go online and order it.

“A gripping and powerful novel about finding the courage to make the life you want. This is Jane Green at her absolute best.”- Emily Giffin

Summer Secrets is the quintessential beach novel, complete with juicy drama and characters you fall madly in love with. You will devour it!” –Elin Hilderbrand

“Warm, witty, sharp and insightful. Jane Green writes with such honesty and zing, it’s impossible to stop turning the pages.” – Sophie Kinsella

Summer Secrets is the perfect summer read. Once you dive into this story about a recovering alcoholic who must finally face her own dark past and make amends, you’ll be hooked.” – Kristin Hannah

“A compelling story of a woman struggling with addiction and seeking forgiveness…Green’s latest will bring in droves of readers.” – Booklist on Summer Secrets 

“Green handles grim issues with a sure hand, balancing light romance with tense family drama…sets up a surprising karmic lesson.” – Kirkus Reviews

“This harrowing novel offers hard-earned redemption and healing.” – Publisher’s Weekly
“The storyline and flawed characters will give readers something to think about when they bring Green’s latest to the beach.” – Library Journal


Sending big love and thanks for all your support!

Jane Green

Jane Green is the author of seventeen novels, including sixteen New York Times bestsellers. She has over ten million books in print, and is published in over 25 languages.

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