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What Your Dreams Reveal

June 22nd, 2016

Jane Green SlippersHours spent having lie-ins: 6

Hours spent having dodgy dreams: 2

Hours spent worrying about dodgy dreams: 1

Hours spent looking for slippers under furniture: 1

Hours spent writing: 0

This morning my husband left early for a court case, and I drifted back to sleep. The second sleep is a thing of beauty, but it is also a thing of bizarre and strangely realistic dreams. I never remember my actual dreams, but my second sleep dreams can stay with me for days.

I woke up after the second sleep having had an extraordinarily vivid dream where I had been to a party held by a couple I know vaguely, but a couple I find slightly intimidating. The husband is very friendly, but the wife is very strange. I found myself, in the dream, in their giant house, rather pleased with myself because I wasn’t intimidated in the slightest, I was having a lovely time.

Until I looked down at my feet, and saw that I had come to the party with slippers on. And not the kind of slippers that could pass as chic, or deliberate; the kind of slippers that were quite clearly on my feet by mistake.

And although I was asleep, I felt awash with shame. The slippers proved I didn’t really belong; the slippers proved I wasn’t really good enough to be at their house.

It was just like those terrible naked dreams I used to have as a child. It always involved showing up at school for an orchestra or chorus recital, and realizing, halfway through, that I had forgotten to put clothes on. I was always mortified, even though – and thank the stars for this – no-one in my dream ever seemed to notice that I was naked.

I haven’t had one of those naked dreams for many, many years, but the feeling of showing up to this party with fuzzy grey slippers was almost as bad, so I looked up what it means.

Apparently, I am feeling vulnerable or insecure. I may be afraid that someone is about to discover something secret about me, and if I haven’t already revealed it, the dream is telling me perhaps I should.

I have been desperately trying to think of why I might be feeling vulnerable, but can’t think of anything. I will also confess to wearing slippers at all times. I recently found a pair with an all-purpose rubber sole which means I never have to take them off.

Perhaps that’s the secret. I may look like a high-heel kind of girl, but scratch the surface and I’m a slipper girl through and through.

(This article was first published in The Lady Magazine.)


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